8 Best Beer for a Wedding by Season

Best Beer for a Wedding

In this post, we’ll give you our thoughts on the best beer for a wedding by style and season so that at least one part of wedding planning will be easier.

Picking the drink for your reception is actually a fun task. But it’s also the most complicated task. No two people at your wedding will want the same drink, in the same amount, so picking the right options and the correct quantity is a challenge.

With a broad variety of options, there is almost a beer style for every person at your wedding and for every wedding. Just remember, you don’t love weddings that serve junk beer, so step up and pick a brew that has a bit of flavor that everyone will enjoy.

So, don’t panic, grab a brew, and let us offer our suggestions for the best beer to serve at your wedding.

Best Domestic Beer for a Wedding

Domestic beers are an easy win. They’re generally easy to find, come in mass quantities, and are, in most cases, inexpensive. So if you want to go for quantity, domestic beer is your pick. It is fair to point out that most domestic, mass-produced beers are not great, but you can find some better options. 

Pick brewers that have a variety of beer-style options. Perhaps a lager and an amber are a nice pairing, giving your wedding guests a lighter and more robust option. Our favorite domestic beers at weddings are Sam Adams Boston Lager and Michelob Ultra.

Best Import Beer for a Wedding

Best beer for a wedding
An easy-drinking Mexican beer like Modelo or a European favorite such as Heineken are good options

Import beer is a great way to add something different to your wedding without a huge added cost. While the word “import” to some may bring to mind expensive or unusual beers, the fact is, imports are as accessible and affordable as most of your regular domestic beers. We can’t say that all imported beers are better tasting, but many imports come with a wider variety of styles, or maybe it’s just different attention to brewing quality than mass-produced domestic beers. 

Our recommendation for picking an imported beer for your wedding is to avoid the unusual. Don’t scare your guests with some strange brew from another land. Keep it simple and tasty. An easy-drinking Mexican beer like Modelo or a European favorite such as Heineken are good options.

Best Craft Beers for a Wedding

Craft beers are an excellent option for your wedding. They offer a wide variety of styles that are perfect for every beer drinker at your wedding. Unfortunately, we can’t really offer you one particular craft beer that is perfect for every wedding, but we can offer this advice: go local. With craft breweries popping up everywhere, you can likely find a local brewery that can set you up with a nice variety of delicious craft beers. 

Best Beer for a Spring Wedding 

It’s spring, and life is new, and everything is bright. Light ales and session IPAs are perfect matches for your spring wedding. Not only are they light and fresh, but session IPAs are easy to drink, have low alcohol, along with fruity and floral notes that perfectly complement the season.

Best Beer for a Summer Wedding

Best beer for a summer wedding
These beers have a bit of hoppiness, but it doesn’t overwhelm the malty flavors or make the beer heavy

In the heat of the summer, when you’re dressed to the nines, you want a beer at your wedding that will cool you down and quench your thirst. A crisp Kolsch or pilsner is a great pick. These beers have a bit of hoppiness, but it doesn’t overwhelm the malty flavors or make the beer heavy. 

Radlers are another excellent option for summer wedding beers. Radlers are a light beer (usually a light lager) brewed with citrus fruits. Traditional radlers taste like a combination of beer and lemonade. It seems strange, but they are surprisingly light, sweet, and refreshing. 

Best Beer for a Fall Wedding

Fall beer styles like Oktoberfests or pumpkin beers are fun, but not everyone loves them, so if you’re picking one of these options, do complement with a more moderate choice like Shiner Bock or Fat Tire. Fall beers should be heavier and more robust but not as heavy as a stout or porter.

If you’re looking for something more unique, we think you should consider a wheat beer. Our favorites are Hefeweizens and Belgian Witbiers. These beers are perfect companions to fall meals because they will pair perfectly with your reception dinner.

Best Beers for a Winter Wedding

Winter is the time to pick big, heavy beers. These beers should warm your insides and give you a holiday cheer kind of feel. For a spicy taste, winter beers are often brewed with spices such as clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon. We like options such as “winter warmers”  or winter ales. Keep in mind that these beers are often higher in alcohol, so smaller pours are a must for keeping your guests in control. 

Best Non-Alcoholic Beers for a Wedding

Non-Alcoholic or NA beers are a nice way to respect your guests that are driving or just want to have a sober lifestyle. To be fair, NA beers haven’t always been delicious to drink. However, many craft breweries have started to recognize the need for NA beers that taste like beer, for active people, or those choosing a sober lifestyle. Our picks for NA beers come from Athletic Brewing Company, Brooklyn Brewery, or Bootstrap Brewing.