Best Beer for Golf: Top Picks to Enhance Your Game Day Experience

Best beer for golf

Learn more about the best beer for golf.

Golf has long been a sport enjoyed by many, and it’s no secret that relaxing with a nice beer on the greens adds to the experience. With countless options available, selecting the perfect beer to accompany a round of golf can enhance both the game and the camaraderie among friends. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best beers that are not only delicious but complement the golfing environment perfectly.

While preferences may vary from golfer to golfer, certain characteristics make a beer particularly enjoyable on the course. These qualities might include crisp, refreshing flavors, low to medium alcohol content, and easy drinkability. With these factors in mind, we have researched and compiled a list of top beers that are well-suited for a day on the links.

As we delve into these selections, remember that taste is subjective, and the optimal beer for you may differ from someone else’s preference. With that said, our list aims to provide a range of options that cater to various palates and preferences, ensuring that any golfer can find the perfect brew to enhance their golfing experience.

Best Beers for Golf

When it comes to finding the perfect beers to enjoy on the golf course, many factors come into play. Golfers should consider the beverage’s flavor, refreshment, and suitability for the environment. In this section, we will explore various beer styles and popular choices that cater to golfers’ different preferences.

Light Beers

Best beer for golf
Refreshing taste with low alcohol content

For golfers looking for a low-calorie, easy-drinking option, light beers are an ideal choice. Brands such as Coors Light, Bud Light, and Michelob Ultra offer a clean, refreshing taste with low alcohol content, making them perfect for sipping throughout the game.


Lagers are another popular beer style among golfers due to their crisp, refreshing taste. Brands like Modelo Especial and Pacifico provide a smooth, easy-to-drink experience that won’t weigh you down during a round of golf.


Pilsners offer a balance between flavor and refreshment, making them a favorite among golfers. Brands such as Stella Artois and No Jacket Required Czech Pilsner deliver a crisp, slightly hoppy flavor that complements the golf course environment well.


IPAs (India Pale Ales) can be a more bitter, hoppy option for those seeking a stronger flavor on the golf course. Brands like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, All Day IPA, and Heady Topper offer a range of flavor profiles while maintaining the refreshing quality that is ideal for a golf outing.

Pale Ales

Pale Ales strike a sweet spot between flavor and drinkability for golfers. Maine Beer Company Lunch and Bell’s Oberon are two great examples of pale ales that offer a good balance of hops and malt on the palate, without being too overpowering during a round.

Blonde Ales

Blonde ales are a refreshing, approachable option for golfers who prefer a lighter, less hoppy beer. American Icon Blonde Ale is one option that provides a smooth, easy-drinking experience while still offering a bit of flavor to keep it interesting.


For golfers who prefer a darker, more robust beer, stouts might be the way to go. Breckenridge Brewery Nitro Irish Stout and Cigar City Brewing Maduro Brown Ale offer rich, full-bodied flavors that still pair well with a day on the golf course.


Allagash white
Choosing the right beer for your golf game

For fans of tart, tangy flavors, sour beers can be an exciting addition to the golf course lineup. Beers like Allagash White and Goses encourage experimentation while delivering a refreshing finish that keeps golfers coming back for more.

Choosing the right beer for your golf game ultimately comes down to personal preference and finding the right balance of flavor, refreshment, and drinkability. Give a few different styles a try, and discover which ones complement your round of golf the best.

Popular Beer Brands on the Golf Course

When it comes to choosing the perfect beer for your round of golf, it’s essential to consider a few factors like taste, refreshment, and drinkability. Let’s take a look at some popular beer brands that can enhance your golf experience.

Coors Light is a favorite among golfers due to its light and crisp taste, making it a refreshing choice for a hot day on the course. It’s easy to drink and doesn’t overwhelm the palate, making it ideal for sipping throughout your game.

Budweiser is another classic option, with its smooth and full-bodied flavor. It’s a reliable choice for those who enjoy a slightly stronger taste without compromising on refreshment.

Modelo and Modelo Especial offer a more robust and malty flavor profile compared to other beers on this list. These Mexican imports provide a unique taste and can be a delightful change of pace during a round.

Bud Light and Michelob Ultra are both lighter options, perfect for golfers looking to avoid feeling weighed down by heavier beers. These easy-drinking choices cater to those seeking a low-calorie and refreshing beverage.

Corona is another popular choice, particularly when served with a lime wedge. Its crisp taste and light body make it a beloved option among golf enthusiasts.

For craft beer fans, All Day IPA by Founders Brewing, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Allagash White, and Oberon by Bell’s Brewery offer a more diverse range of flavors. These beers showcase hoppy, fruity, and complex tastes, providing a more sophisticated experience on the course.

In summary, these popular beer brands offer a variety of choices for golfers to enjoy during their time on the links. Whether it’s a light and easy-to-drink option or a more complex and flavorful choice, there’s a beer to cater to every golfer’s preferences.

The Importance of Balance and Drinkability

When it comes to finding the perfect beer for the golf course, striking a balance between flavor and drinkability is crucial. Golfers need a beverage that’s not too heavy so they can stay refreshed throughout their game, while still delivering enough flavor to make each swing enjoyable.

One component that contributes to a beer’s balance is its alcohol content. Lower ABV (Alcohol by Volume) beers are generally more suited for the golf course, as they allow for longer and more relaxed drinking sessions without impacting performance. A good example of a low ABV beer perfect for golf is Founders Solid Gold, which has an ABV of just 4.4%.

Hops are another essential aspect of balancing a beer’s flavor. A well-hopped beer can provide the right blend of bitterness and aroma, satisfying your palate without overwhelming it. The Bushwood Beer is a crisp pilsner with moderate carbonation and a creamy white head, accented by grassy lemon notes from added hops.

The rise in popularity of craft beer has also led to a wide variety of options for golfers. Many breweries have started creating session IPAs, which combine the refreshing taste of a traditional IPA with a lower alcohol content, making them an excellent choice for golf. Session IPAs typically have an ABV of 3-5%, making them light and easy to drink on the course.

When choosing a beer for golf, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  • ABV: Lower alcohol content allows for longer sessions on the course
  • Hops: A well-hopped beer adds flavor without overwhelming the palate
  • Style: Light, crisp beers like pilsners and session IPAs are good options

In summary, a good golf beer should be refreshing, light, and well-balanced. By considering factors like alcohol content, hops, and style, golfers can elevate their on-course experience and enjoy the perfect brew as they play.

Drinking Etiquettes on the Golf Course

When enjoying a beer during a golf game, it’s essential to be mindful of proper drinking etiquettes on the golf course. These etiquettes ensure a pleasant experience for all players and maintain the course’s atmosphere of respect and sportsmanship.

First and foremost, know your limits. While it’s okay to have a beer or two to relax and enhance the social aspect of the game, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to impaired judgments, slow play, and even inappropriate behavior, which can spoil the golf experience for others. According to a pro golfer’s advice, finding the perfect balance is key to enjoying the game without ruining your performance.

When picking a beer for a round of golf, choose lighter options that are easy to drink and won’t affect your game too much. For instance, Pacifico is a popular choice known for its refreshing taste and compatibility with the golf course environment. Hard seltzers can also be a good alternative, with White Claw being a fan favorite.

It’s essential to follow the course’s rules regarding alcohol consumption. Most golf courses allow drinking, but it’s crucial to know the specific regulations in place. Always purchase your drinks from the clubhouse or beverage carts and refrain from bringing your own alcohol as it often violates course policies.

While enjoying a beer on the back nine, remember to respect other players on the course. Keep noise levels low, especially when taking a swing or when a fellow golfer is preparing for their shot. Dispose of your empty cans and bottles properly, and don’t litter the course.

Lastly, practice moderation by pacing yourself. Avoid binge drinking or stacking your cart with too many drinks at once. This not only helps maintain decorum on the golf course but also ensures your skills aren’t negatively impacted by excessive alcohol consumption.

By adhering to these drinking etiquettes on the golf course, you can enjoy your favorite beer while maintaining a fun and respectful golf game experience for all participants.

Beer Apps and Golf

Golf is a sport that many people enjoy alongside a refreshing beer. To help golfers find the perfect brew for their game, there are several beer apps available that can enhance the golf experience.

One such app is Untappd, a social discovery and check-in app specifically for beer enthusiasts. Users can search for beers based on their preferences, check-in at golf courses, and even see what beers are popular among other golfers. The app also includes user-generated ratings and tasting notes for different beers, helping golfers choose a brew that will complement their game.

Another useful app for beer-loving golfers is Taphunter. This app focuses on finding nearby bars, breweries, and restaurants that serve your favorite beers. While playing a round on the course, golfers can use Taphunter to locate nearby establishments serving their preferred brews, making it easy to find the perfect spot for post-game refreshments.

Finally, for golfers who enjoy experimenting with new beers, the BeerMenus app is an excellent resource. This app helps users discover new beers by offering access to an extensive database of beer menus at nearby bars and restaurants. Golfers can browse through the available beer options and find a new brew that matches their taste preferences.

Some apps, such as SwingU, are even explicitly designed for golfers and include features like GPS yardages, digital scorecards, and live leaderboards. While these apps may not focus solely on beer, they can still enhance the golfing experience, especially when paired with one of the beer-specific apps mentioned earlier.

In summary, there are several beer apps available that perfectly complement a day on the golf course. Whether you’re looking to discover new beers, locate nearby bars and breweries, or simply track your favorite brews, these apps will help enhance your golf experience and ensure you always have the perfect beer to accompany your game.

Pairing Golf and Beer: Using Local Breweries

The sport of golf and the enjoyment of craft beer are a match made in heaven. Many golf courses and clubs have embraced this connection, offering unique and delightful local brews that can add to the experience of a golf trip.

Some golf clubs are even taking it a step further by integrating breweries directly onto their properties. One such location is Ironclad Golf & Beer Garden in North Carolina. Golfers can hit the range and then sample local brews, making for a truly unique experience.

Many breweries have found inspiration in the sport of golf. A perfect example of this is Triple Bogey Brewing & Golf Company, which has created Triple Bogey Premium Lager. This 5% ABV lager is designed to take the edge off while on the fairway or stuck in the rough, making it an ideal beer for golf enthusiasts.

Another notable brewery and golf course combination is the Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery. Canyon Lakes offers their OB Brown Ale, providing golfers with a refreshing beer to complement their experience on the course.

To enhance your golf trip, consider adding stops at local breweries or choosing golf courses and clubs that offer their own beer selections. This integration of these two cultures can create unforgettable memories and bring new friends together—both on and off the green.

Paid Inclusion

When it comes to finding the best beer for your golf game, a few factors come into play for your on-course enjoyment. In this section, we’ll discuss the benefits of paid inclusion with various beers readily available at most golf courses. Our focus will be on beers that are easy to drink, refreshing, and don’t hinder your golf performance.

Some of the top choices in beers for golfers include Founders Solid Gold, Pacifico, and Bushwood Beer, a beer made specifically for golfers. These beers have relatively low alcohol content, which ensures that you stay focused and hydrated while playing golf.

Now, let’s discuss the role of the cart girl and the importance of bottle openers when enjoying a beer during your golf game.

A cart girl is an essential part of the golf course experience, providing convenient and timely service to golfers on the go. She typically comes around in her refreshment cart, stocked with a variety of beverages, including beers. By investing in paid inclusion, you can ensure that your preferred beers are available in her cart. This helps to eliminate the need to carry your beers, as well as provides easy access when needed.

However, not all beers conveniently come in cans or twist-off bottles. That’s where bottle openers come in handy. Having a high-quality bottle opener in your golf bag or on your keychain allows you to quickly and efficiently open any beer you purchase from the cart girl or bring from home. Additionally, bottle openers can also be a great conversation starter and a potentially useful tool for other golfers on the course.

In conclusion, paid inclusion and essential accessories can contribute to an enjoyable beer-drinking experience while playing golf. Make sure to opt for refreshing, lower-alcohol content beers, utilize the services of a cart girl for convenient access, and always have a bottle opener handy for those times when it’s needed.

Historical Connection Between Golf and Beer

Old Tom Morris

Old Tom Morris was a key figure in the development of golf during the late 19th century. Morris, a Scottish golfer and greenkeeper, contributed significantly to the sport both as a player and course designer. In addition to his golfing achievements, Old Tom Morris was known to enjoy a pint of beer after a round of golf, celebrating the social aspect of the sport. Sharing a beer with fellow golfers has long been a tradition in golf, and it’s no surprise that a figure as iconic as Morris was a part of it.

Scottish Highlands

The history of golf is deeply rooted in the Scottish Highlands, where the sport originated in the 15th century. In Scotland, brewing and golf have had a close relationship, with many golf courses and clubhouses offering a selection of local beers to players. The sport and beer share cultural significance, as they both represent Scottish heritage and pride. It’s common for golfers to unwind with a beer in the clubhouse after a round, further cementing the bond between the two.

American Icon

As golf made its way across the Atlantic, the sport gained popularity in the United States during the early 20th century. Along with golf’s rise in America, the brewing industry also boomed. American golf icons of the time, such as Ben Hogan and Sam Snead, enjoyed an occasional beer on the course. The relationship between golf and beer in America is strong, with many golf courses offering a variety of American brews for players to enjoy during their round or in the clubhouse afterwards.

American Golf IconsPopular Beer Brands
Ben HoganBudweiser
Sam SneadCoors
Arnold PalmerMiller Lite

French Influence

While France may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of golf, it has had a notable impact on the sport. French landscape architects have designed some of the world’s most renowned golf courses, and French brewing traditions have influenced the beer industry as well. Several French beer styles, such as Bière de Garde and Saison, have gained popularity among golfers due to their refreshing and crisp taste, further enriching the historical connection between golf and beer.

In conclusion, the historical connection between golf and beer can be traced back to the early days of the sport in the Scottish Highlands. Over the centuries, this connection has strengthened, with figures like Old Tom Morris serving as iconic examples of the bond between the two. As golf spread to other countries, the relationship between the sport and beer has expanded, with the American brewing industry and French beer styles adding new dimensions to this enduring connection.

Beer and Golf Legends

Beer and golf share a long history together, with both professional and recreational players enjoying a cold beverage on the course. Some of the best beers to enjoy while golfing include Pacifico, Founders Solid Gold, and Bushwood Beer, a Caddyshack-inspired pilsner.

Golf legends, such as Tiger Woods, have also played a role in popularizing beer in golf culture. Tiger Woods is famed not only for his incredible golf skills but also for his love of beverages. Although not directly connected to promoting a specific beer brand, the iconic golfer has been known to enjoy a drink after a long day on the course.

There are even beers with golf-themed names, like 1967 Lager from Land-Grant Brewing Company, specifically designed to cater to golf enthusiasts. This beer provides golf lovers with an easy-drinking, lighter lager that’s perfect for a day on the green.

There are various reasons why beer and golf have become such a dynamic duo. In part, it can be attributed to the relaxing atmosphere of the sport, which pairs well with a refreshing beverage. Golfers often appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a drink during their rounds, as it helps them unwind and adds an element of camaraderie among players.

To sum up, beer and golf legends have long been intertwined, and the tradition of enjoying a cold brew while playing has stood the test of time. From Tiger Woods to golf-themed beers, it’s evident that this pairing remains a cherished aspect of the game.