Best Beer For Weddings: 10 Great Options

Best beer for weddings

Beer and weddings pair nicely. In this post, we’ll share our thoughts on the best beer for weddings so that at least one part of wedding planning will be easier.

Serving beer is a great option for weddings. With so many different styles to choose from, there is a beer for just about every guest at your wedding. If you are limited to a single beer choice, you need to be particular.

In this article, we take a look at some of the more popular wedding beer choices. We’ll give you a simple guide to help you narrow the beer styles, and at the end, we will give you our picks for the best beer for weddings.

What To Look For In The Best Beer For Weddings

What to look for in the best beer for weddings?
Finding the right kind of beer is a real balancing act

Planning your big day is a lot of work, and it can be very stressful. Your beer selection is one of the most important decisions, as the right beer can make or break your wedding reception.

Besides deciding on how much beer you need to serve – is one keg enough, or do you need a couple of kegs; you will need to select a beer that will be enjoyed by your guests but not so enjoyable that your reception turns into a frat party. Finding the right kind of beer is a real balancing act.

Beer Styles


Domestic beers can be a solid choice. Besides being easy to find in a considerable quantity, they also tend to be more affordable. This kind of beer can be uninteresting. 

So, if you are going for a domestic option, look for a brewer that has more than one style. That way, you have something for everyone.


Craft beers are a very popular option for weddings. They come in a huge variety of styles that will satisfy almost all the beer drinkers at your wedding. One downfall with craft beer is that if you are looking for a draft beer option, many craft breweries do not sell any beers in kegs. 

You may have to settle for bottles or cans. Craft beers are also a great way to showcase your favorite local brewery.


If you are looking for something more unique than domestic beer but don’t have the budget for craft beer, imported beer is a good alternative. The benefit of importing beers is that they tend to be easier to find than unique craft beers, and they come at a lower price.


An alternative to serving beer is to serve non-alcoholic beer instead. Non-alcoholic beer or NA beer is really popular right now. They come in so many different styles and many tastes so close to regular beer that you might not know you are missing the alcohol. 

Non-alcoholic options are great for guests who are driving or for those that have decided to enjoy a sober lifestyle.


Price really is an important consideration for your wedding beer. Some unique craft beers are pretty expensive, and those beers on the really inexpensive end of the spectrum are not tasty. Know your price range, and consider the options that best fit your budget.

Alcohol Content

Sure, your favorite beer might be an imperial barrel-aged stout with an 11% ABV, but that isn’t a great pick for your wedding beer. You want your friends and family to remember your wedding and get home safely, so the best beer for a wedding is one that is tasty but also has a low ABV. 

How To Pick The Best Beer For Weddings

There are lots of beer options on the market today, and finding one or two that will satisfy most of your wedding guests isn’t as challenging as it seems. There are some things you should consider before you buy beer for your wedding.

  • Wedding Style: If you are throwing a fancy wedding, you probably want a higher quality, more expensive beer. Relaxed, casual weddings are great for budget beers or fun canned craft beers.
  • Other Beverage Options: If you are offering a full bar, you may want to select a simpler beer choice and one that is less expensive. This gives your guests a beer option if they don’t want other beverages.
  • Themed Wedding: Are you having a rustic wedding, beach wedding, or another theme? There are types of beer that will fit perfectly with your theme.
  • The Meal: If you want to impress your wedding guests, select a beer that pairs well with the meal you are serving. This might mean a pilsner or lager for appetizers and then a stout or IPA to pair with the main meal.


Although you might not think it, the season really is important when it comes to selecting the best beer for your wedding day.

  • Spring Wedding: Look for light ales or session IPAs. These are good options because they are flavorful, low in alcohol, and aren’t too heavy.
  • Summer Wedding: Beer is really a great summer wedding drink. Go for light, refreshing beers like a Kolsch or crisp pilsner. Wheat beers like Blue Moon are also popular for summer weddings, but for something different, try a shandy or Radler.
  • Fall Wedding: Fall beers become a bit more robust and flavorful. Traditional Oktoberfest-style beer is a nice option for a fall wedding. If you are thinking about pumpkin beer, remember not everyone is a fan, so make sure you have a second option. If you don’t like Oktoberfest, an amber ale or bock are good alternatives.
  • Winter Wedding: Winter is the perfect time to serve those creamy, thick, dark porters and stouts. Winter warmers and winter ales are also popular. Like pumpkin beers, dark beers are not popular with everyone, so make sure you have a second option.  

Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra is a great summer beer and also a great pick if you want a low-alcohol selection. This light lager is flavorful and refreshing and only has 4.2% ABV.

For domestic beer, this option is a little more expensive, but it is a better quality option. We would pick this beer over Coors Light or Bud Light if given the option.


  • Great beer for summer weddings
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to find
  • Low ABV


  • Pretty bland flavor
  • Goes flat quickly

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon
Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good alternative to Budweiser if you want something different.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is another good summer beer. It is also a great budget option. If you are looking for a refreshing beer that is low in alcohol, PBR hits the mark. 

Many people like the hipster vibe that comes with PBR, so if you are looking for a “stylish” beer for your wedding, this is the one for you. PBR is a good alternative to Budweiser if you want something different.


  • Super easy to find
  • Low price
  • Trendy beer option


  • Not a unique option
  • Very bland flavor

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

We get excited when Boston Lager is served at a wedding. Samuel Adams is the original craft brewery.

The Boston lager is malty, refreshing, and low in alcohol. It may be the perfect wedding beer for any time of year. Sam Adams also brews other beer styles if you want a seasonal beer to go with your Boston Lager.


  • Only 5% ABV
  • Balanced flavor
  • Refreshing


  • More expensive than other options
  • May be hard to find

Modelo Especial

Mexican beers are a nice option for weddings. If you want to avoid serving Corona but want a Mexican beer option, go for Modelo Especial.

This beer is flavorful, has a slight bit of hoppiness, and is crisp and refreshing. Serve this at your spring or summer wedding.


  • An affordable import
  • Easy to find
  • Balanced and flavorful
  • Great for summer or a beach wedding


  • Doesn’t go well with all foods
  • Not great for a formal wedding


Heineken is a beer that everyone knows and most people can enjoy. If you want an imported beer and are on a budget, this beer is a good choice. It is a very popular spring wedding beer, so if you make this your pick, place your order early.


  • More flavorful than many domestic beers
  • Feels more sophisticated
  • Affordable import beer


  • Can be challenging to find during the wedding season
  • More expensive 

New Belgium Fat Tire

If we can’t have Sam Adams, Fat Tire is a worthy alternative. This malty, easy-to-drink amber ale is perfect for a fall wedding. New Belgium Fat Tire was one of the first widely available craft beers, making it well-known to most people. 

Despite the amber color and malty flavor, Fat Tire is low in alcohol, making it one of the more popular beers for weddings.


  • Refreshing amber ale
  • Low ABV
  • Balanced flavor with a slight hoppiness


  • Not available everywhere
  • Pricier than other domestic beers

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

For the hoppy beer drinkers on your guest list Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a winner. While this beer is a perfect example of an American pale ale, with notes of pine and citrus, it also has plenty of malt and bready flavors as well. 

Sierra Nevada is fairly easy to find in most liquor stores and is not as expensive as other craft options. We like this beer for a late summer or early fall wedding.


  • Beautiful amber color
  • Balanced hop and malt flavors
  • Bright aromas of pine and citrus


  • Hard to find in kegs
  • Not for IPA fans

Goose Island IPA

If you haven’t heard of Goose Island brewing, then you are in for a treat with this IPA. Highly affordable, but yet a great craft option, this beer is a good pick for a summer wedding. With a balanced flavor and just enough hops to know you are drinking an IPA, this beer is refreshing and pairs well with most foods. 


  • A surprisingly mild IPA
  • Not too bitter
  • Bright citrus flavor


  • Higher ABV
  • More expensive than other options

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

For your outdoor summer wedding, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy is a sweet and refreshing option. This beer is a traditional Weiss beer that is flavored with lemonade. It works perfectly with picnic foods like barbeque, grilled fish, and fruit.


  • Perfect beer for summer weddings
  • Low 4.2% ABV
  • Very refreshing and light


  •  Not everyone likes shandy’s
  •  Lemonade flavor can be strong

Athletic Brewing Company

Want a beer but don’t want the alcohol? Athletic Brewing offers a full line of non-alcoholic beer for your wedding. 

Whether you are encouraging a sober experience or you just want an option for designated drivers, this is a great beer option. These beers are tasty, and you may not even realize you are drinking an NA beer.  


  • Comes in a variety of styles
  • Tasty NA option
  • Available in most places


  •  Can be expensive
  •  Not all styles are easy to find

Testing Criteria

We’ve been to a lot of weddings, and we’ve had a lot of bad beer at weddings. To create our list of the ten best beers for weddings, we drank some of our favorite beers.  

Why You Can Trust Me

Not many people can say that beer is a crucial part of their marriage. But I can. My wife and I met over beers, served beer at our wedding, and to this day, we enjoy vacationing at craft breweries around the world.

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