8 Best Beer For Pizza

Best Beer For Pizza

In this article, we’ll answer the age-old question – what is the best beer for pizza?

Pizza and beer go together like cheese and crackers or peanut butter and jelly, but with the addition of craft beer to the mix, deciding which beer to have with your pizza has become harder. It wouldn’t seem like a difficult task, but pick the wrong beer to go with your pizza, and you’ll have something OK, pick the right beer, and you’ll end up with a taste experience you’ve never had.

When it comes to pairing beer with pizza, there is a good theory to stick to; pick your beer style based on the intensity of your pizza. A simple beer for a simple pizza. A complex and robust beer with that bold, delicious pizza.

So, if you want to be the hero of your next party, make sure you pick up a variety of beers to go with all of those pizzas. Not sure where to start? Our suggestions for perfect pairings of beer and pizza are coming up!

Best Beer for Cheese Pizza – Wheat Ale or American Pale Ale

As basic and simple as a cheese pizza is, you can go wrong when it comes to picking a complimentary beer. We recommend a wheat ale or American pale ale as perfect complements to the most basic of pizzas. These light, crisp beers have just enough flavor and hoppiness to boost through the rich cheese without overwhelming.

Best Beers for Pepperoni Pizza – Pale Ale or Pale Lager

Pepperoni pizza is a fan favorite. It is simple yet, at the same time, flavorful and satisfying. You should pick a beer that balances well with the spice of the pepperoni but doesn’t get lost. Pale ales or pale lagers are bold enough beers, with plenty of hop-forward flavors that they stand alone but complement the spicy pepperoni without being overpowered or overpowering.

Best Beer for Margherita Pizza – Pilsner

The Margherita pizza is probably as traditional as it comes. With bright flavors that are at the same time so simple, our recommended beer pairing is the bright yet simple Pilsner. The nice thing about pilsners is that they are simple and flavorful but still have enough variety of flavor profiles. Peroni or Pilsner Urquell are great options brewed in the European traditions that pair nicely with the Margherita pizza.

Best Beer for Meat Lovers Pizza – Marzen or Witbier

Best beer for pizza
Marzens can be a bit sweet and crisp, balancing the spice without distracting from the pizza’s flavors

Pizzas topped with all the meats are bold and have diverse flavors. It is crucial that you pick a beer that balances and does not compete with the flavors of the meat on this kind of pizza. Witbiers have notes of coriander and orange peel that complement well with the spice of sausages. On the other hand, Marzens can be a bit sweet and crisp, balancing the spice without distracting from the pizza’s flavors.

Best Beer for Hawaiian Pizza – West Coast IPA or Fruit Beers

There is heated debate about whether pineapple belongs on a pizza. What isn’t a debate is that the sweetness and saltiness of this pizza make an excellent start for an interesting beer pairing. We love a hoppy, West Coast IPA with our Hawaiian pizza.

The bitterness and citrus flavors from the hops match well with the sweet pineapple and balance the saltiness from the Canadian bacon. If you don’t love IPAs, look for a lighter beer with fruit-forward flavors like mango, grapefruit, or lemon. They’ll work nicely with the sweet and salty combination of this pizza.

Best Beer for Supreme Pizza – India Pale Ale (IPA)

A traditional IPA with its malty yet bitter flavor profile perfectly complements a pizza so full of toppings. What we love best about drinking a simple IPA with a pizza packed with toppings is that it doesn’t mask the flavors of the meat or vegetables. The bitterness of a traditional IPA also seems to cut the fat and saltiness from the cheese and meats, making the pizza seem lighter and less filling.

Best Beer for Sausage and Mushroom Pizza – Brown Ale or Stout

This pizza topping combination is both spicy and earthy. When considering a beer pairing for this pizza, you must keep in mind that light beers get lost in the spice of the sausage, and the bitterness of IPAs or pale ales will detract from the earthy mushrooms.

Therefore, our recommendation is a malty yet sweet brown ale or stout. These beers are sturdy and hold their own when combined with other robust flavors, but at the same time, their subtle sweetness balances nicely with the spice and earthiness of the meat and mushroom combination.

Best Beer for Vegetarian Pizza – Kolsch or Lager

Best beer for vegetarian pizza
Pick a light and refreshing Kolsch or a light lager that will complement the vegetables

Vegetables on pizza are about as delicate as you can get in pizza flavors. That doesn’t mean you should settle for a weak, flavorless beer. Instead, pick a light and refreshing Kolsch or a light lager. These beers are low in IBUs and tend to have more bready flavors, which complement the vegetables while at the same time cutting through the fat and salt from the cheese.